Theses Formatting Requirements

1. Theses are accepted in electronic form where the file name should coincide with the author's surname (s).

2. Information attached:

  • a file with information about the authors in Russian and English (a surname, a name, a middle name, a work place, a position, an academic degree, a rank, postal address, and E-mail address, contact phone . If there are some authors, specify who to be corresponded with);
  • the abstract in Russian and English;
  • the title of article and initials of authors in Russian and English;
  • UDC index;
  • keywords up to 7 in Russian and English;
  •  indication of the section in which the author (s) participate.

3. The volume of theses has to be no more than 3 pages of the typewritten text, including tables and drawings.

4. Theses have to be typed according to rules of a computer typing. Only one variant of theses is located in one file (in case of submission of two articles and more). Information of point 2 is a part of the theses and has to be also submitted in electronic form.

Applications for participation in the conference and theses are sent by registration at the official conference website:
or by e-mail: or you can send them in the storage medium (flash drive, CD or DVD drive) 347360, Russia, Rostov region, Volgodonsk, Lenin Street,73/94, room 505. Organizing Committee

Theses should be issued in the Microsoft Office, 12 point font Times New Roman; print – 1 interval. Page parameters: all sides are 2 cm. Use of any other font is undesirable. Please do not use signs of forced transfer and additional gaps. Vectorial values are selected with a bold-face type.

The equation editor of Equation 3.0 is only used to record the formulas.

Units of measure should be given according to the International system (SI).